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Two Smokin' Barrels is the ultimate in event feasting. Founded by chef Jonno Page, with an acclaimed background working for such chefs as Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, as well as top end restaurants such as The Scarlet in Cornwall, Jonno blends high end cooking into a wild and smokey eating experience. 

Two Smokin' Barrels is a mobile catering service delivered from a 1.5tonne wood fired oven. So much more than any BBQ. 

Based in Cornwall and able to travel, Two Smokin' Barrels sources all food ethically, locally and sustainably. All the food eaten has come from happy, healthy and ethically grown animals and produce. Even the wood is sourced from local foresters, from sustainable sources that protect and support our planet. 

Because of the skill and experience with which feasts are delivered, Two Smokin' Barrels can create spectacular bespoke eating experiences, catering for all dietary needs. Rain or shine. 

About Us: About Us
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